About Northern Spirit

About Northern Spirit Swiss Shepherd

We are a small hobby breeder who strives to advance the breed of the White Swiss Shepherd Dog.

Our Dogs are genetically tested through Wisdom Panel/ Genoscoper or Embark and have their Hip and Elbows evaluated through the OFA.

Our goal is to share this incredible breed by producing litters of healthy, happy puppies with sound Character

that make a perfect fit as a family dog but are also able to prove them self in conformation and sport competitions.

About Northern Spirit
About Northern Spirit

Searching for Huckelberry Finn

Our first dog was a Husky/ Shepherd cross we got him from the SPCA at 10 weeks old. Being from an Orphanage we decided to name him after the adventurer Huckelberry Finn.

He was an incredibly intuitive well tempered dog that was loved by all that met him, over the years we had a lot of adventures together. Saying goodbye after almost 14 years was very difficult.

When the time came to not replace but to find a new Dog that could possibly match his Character we started our search and came across the “White Swiss Shepherd” also known as “Berger Blanc Swiss”.

Learning about this well tempered breed that is not as high-strung as the the traditional working German Shepherd but still every bit as intelligent, intuitive and versatile we knew we found our new Huckelberry Finn.

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