Our Dogs

Moro Arya Of Northern Spirit

Arya is our little Sporty Spice she came to us from Moro Shepherds in Oregon USA.

Starting out as the wildest one in her litter she still remains cheeky and always willing to work.

She has however grown into a calm confident and gentle young Lady who loves her cuddles, swimming and most of all playing ball.

Born: 10. April 2018

FCI & UKC registered

DM  n/n ( clear )

MDR 1 +/+ ( clear )

O.F.A Hips – GOOD

Hight : 24 inches

Weight : 70 pounds

Wisdom Panel tested clear of everything


Finn is our therapy dog we traveled to Germany to pick him up at the Award winning kennel “Sutumer Grund”.

Finn is an absolute Teddybear who loves people and other dogs more than anything, he is always by our side and his laid back personality together with always wanting to do right makes him a dream to train.

He is smart, intuitive and a highly confident happy dog.

Born: 28. February 2019

FCI & UKC registered

DM  +/- ( carrier )

MDR 1  +/+ ( clear )

O.F.A Hips – to follow

Hight: 25 inches

Weight : 81 pounds

Wisdom Panel tested clear of all but DM

Flashing Jewel When I Live My Dream "Kenzie"

Kenzie is our future hope. She is our little ” Flashing Jewel” from Holland.  So far extremely well balanced with a Love for water.

Born: 23 February, 2023

FCI registered

DM  n/n (clear)

MDR1  +/+ (clear)

O.F.A Hips –  to follow

Hight : to follow

Weight : to follow

Embark tested clear of everything

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