Puppy Pricing Info

All of our Puppy’s are long coat purebred White Swiss Shepherds ( Berger Blanc Swiss ).

We are a small hobby Breeder and only produce at most 1 Litter a year. If you are interested in one of our puppies please fill out our .

Once approved, this will place you on our waiting list and you will get notified when a pregnancy is confirmed. We will start excepting a $500 non-refundable Deposit when the puppies are born and we know how many Males/Females we have.

Litter picks are in order of deposits received with the exception of the “Pick of the Litter”. With that in mind we do assist with the puppy pick based on our knowledge and the information given by you. It is important to us that we find the best match possible specially in regards to temperament and energy level.

Please let us know if you need to have your puppy shipped or brought to you as additional costs will occur based on the destination.

We schedule your puppy’s pick up after 8 weeks of age if you need to leave your puppy with us past 9 weeks we charge a $30 Kennel fee per day or $200 a week.

Male or Female White Swiss Shepherd Puppy

All puppies are on a non breeding contract and are to be spayed or neutered.


$500 Deposit plus $2500 prior to pick up

Pick Of The Litter White Swiss Shepherd Puppy

This will give you first pick at a Male or Female as well as full breeding rights.


$500 Deposit plus $4500 prior to pick up

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